Wednesday, 22 July 2015

INTERVIEW 1 (Students- Summer School)

      Miss Julie’s interview:
  • In which university did you study? She said that she studied at a university in England.
  • When did you come to Spain? She told me that she came with her husband on holidays.
  • Where are you from? She replied that she’s from England.
  • Do you prefer it or Spain? She said that she liked England and Spain too.

  • Which skills do you think you need to be a teacher? She told me that she thought that the skills you need to be a teacher are: be patient, be nice and you have to like children.
  • Did you work in other places? She replied that she worked in a lot of places.
  • Do you have daughters or sons? She said that she has one daughter and one son.
  • Do you like your job? She told me that she loves her job.
  • Do you think you would become a head teacher? She replied that she thought that one day she could became a head teacher.
  • Do you know the meaning of this logo? She said that she thought that the meaning of the logo of the summer camp is the four pillars.
  • Do you think English would become an official language in this country? She told me the she thought that English will not become a major language in Spain.
  • Do you work here during the school term? What are the differences? She replied that she works in winter here as an English teacher helper and this work at summer camp is her first experience as a teacher.
  • What is your worst experience as a teacher? She said that she hasn’t had any bad experiences for the moment.
  • Why did you want to be a teacher? She told me that she is a teacher because she likes children.
  • Do you stay here in the lunch time? She replied that she stays here at lunch.
  • Do like the food? She said that she likes the food.