Wednesday, 22 July 2015

INTERVIEW 3 (Students - Summer School)

We gave an interview to Mr.Ward and he talked about his life. He told us that he studied in Hull University to study biology and then he went to Kings University to begin a professor.

-Why did you come to Spain?
He told as that he came to Spain for his job
-Where are you from?
He is from a city called Lincoln in the north of England
-Do you prefer it or Spain?
He likes Spain because of the beaches and the good weather, but he had lived in London for a long time.

-Which skills do you think you need to be a good teacher?
He replied that the skills to be a teacher are to be patient, you have to know
Everything that you are teaching and be nice.
-Did you work in other places?
He worked in a supermarket and in a bar.
-Do you have any daughters or sons?
He doesn’t have any children.
-Would you like to become a head teacher?
One day in the future he wants to be a head teacher.
-Do you think to study in English is correct or can we study in Spanish/Catalan and increase the hours we study English in school?
He told us that English is a very good language and a lot of people speak English. But if you speak other languages you can communicate with more people.
-Do you enjoy your work?
He loves his work; he thinks he is lucky to have it.
-Do you think English would become an official language in this country? Why?
It’s good to preserve the language of the country. In Ireland the Irish language is disappearing but it’s important to keep all languages, he said.
-Where do you work in winter (school term)?
He works here in winter.
-What is your worst experience as a teacher?
His worst experience was when a student was electrocuted.
-Why did you want be a teacher?
Because when he was a child he went to a lot of schools and his teachers were very good, he wants to be the same as them.
-Do you did here and do you like this food?
He sometimes eats at the school and sometimes he detests the food.