Wednesday, 22 July 2015

INTERVIEW 4 (Students - Summer School)

Mr. Day’s interview:

-In which university did you study?
He said that he had studied at university of Oxford.

-Why have you come to Spain?
He said that he came to Spain because Spain has good schools and it is good for his children to live in Spain.

-Where are you from?
He said that he was from the south west of England near Bristol.

-Do you prefer it or Spain?
He said he likes his town and he likes Spain.

-Which skills do you think people need to become a head teacher of a school?He thinks that people need to like teaching, like people, like working with people, have imagination, etc.
-Have you worked in other jobs?He said that he was a teacher in England, he went on mountain expeditions and he was a factory worker. He has also worked in shops.
-Why do your daughters work here?He said that their first language is English and Mr. Ward asked for their help.
-Do you like your job?
He said that he liked his job; he said that it is a very good job.
-Do you think the English would become an official language in this country?
He said that English isn't the first Language in the world, it is Chinese, but it has become a second official language.

-Is the uniform different in the summer clothes to the winter clothes?He said that it isn’t different, in the summer to the winter. But you can choose the uniform (short trousers or long trousers, the colour of the polo...)
-Can you explain some differences between summer school and the year round school?
He said that summer school is only for English learning and the school there are more subjects, more classes, working and the classes are divided by ages.

-Are you happy with the progress of the students during the summer school?
He said that yes because they are working a lot and they have a good level.

-Have you worked a long time in this school?
He said that no, he started last year and has been here for about ten months.

-How many students are in this school?
He said that so far there were 430 but in September there will be over 500.

-When you were a child did you think that you would become a Head teacher?He thought that it could be possible but in a special school like this one.
-Why did you become the Head teacher?Because this is an international school and it is a modern school and it is an important place were his children can work? He enjoys this work.
-Do you are agree that the school day should be 5 hours instead of 8 hours?
He said that would be nice for everyone.